melt [melt] v
1¦(become liquid)¦
3¦(become less angry)¦
4 melt in your mouth
5 melt into somebody's arms/embrace
Phrasal verbs
 melt away
 melt something<=>down
 melt into something
[: Old English; Origin: meltan]
1.) ¦(BECOME LIQUID)¦ [I and T]
if something solid melts or if heat melts it, it becomes liquid
→↑freeze, thaw ↑thaw
It was warmer now, and the snow was beginning to melt.
Melt the butter in a saucepan.
[i]also melt away
to gradually disappear
Opposition to the government melted away.
His anger slowly melted.
to become less angry and begin to feel more gentle and sympathetic
She melted under his gaze.
My heart just melted when I saw her crying.
4.) melt in your mouth
if food melts in your mouth, it is soft and tastes very nice
5.) melt into sb's arms/embrace
[i]literary to allow someone to hold you in their arms and feel that you love them
Closing her eyes, she melted into his embrace.
butter wouldn't melt in sb's mouth atbutter1 (2)
melt away phr v
1.) if a crowd of people melts away, the people gradually leave
The demonstrators melted away at the first sign of trouble.
2.) to gradually disappear
Her determination to take revenge slowly melted away.
melt down [melt sth<=>down] phr v
to heat a metal object until it becomes a liquid, especially so that you can use the metal again
A lot of the gold was melted down and used for making jewellery.
melt into [melt into sth] phr v
1.) to gradually change into something else
Her irritation melted into pity.
2.) to gradually become hidden by something
He is trying to melt into the background.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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